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130 days ago

I'm new to the Milwaukee/Brookfield area and was SO excited to find out about Faye's Boutique. I visited the Brookfield location Saturday afternoon in hopes of find the perfect dress for my bridal shower! Instantly when I walked in i knew this was the store I've been looking with all my favorite brands!! I was initially greeted as I arrived but not once was I asked if I needed assistance in finding anything particular, which I would have loved the help! Being that there was only one other customer in the store, I feel as though I wasn't assisted because the women working felt that they wouldn't be able to make a "sale" off of me! They were MORE than happy to help the other woman shopping though! I've been searching for a boutique just like Faye's and am sad they don't value all potential customers.

Faye's Response

Taylor I am very sorry to hear your visit with us was so dissatisfactory. We pride ourselves on delivering  excellent service to all of our Faye’s customers, and the lack of attention we paid you is unacceptable.

I would love to help you find the perfect dress for your bridal shower, how exciting, Congratulations!! We have many fabulous options here in Brookfield and I can also pull dresses from our other location in Mequon.

I do hope you will give us another chance, my email is sarah@fayes123.com  I look forward to hearing from you!!

147 days ago

I was surprised how "uppity" the store feels in Mequon and stuffy. The staff were all preparing for some event today not paying attention to any customers. Answering the phone and prepping for some show was much more important. Worst customer service experience I have encountered. Overpriced and the sale was only if you spent a certain amount.. I felt defeated. I wanted a nice outfit for a trip and no one was there to tell me how it looked and when they were around they followed me constantly pointing out pointless things.
My main problem: not feeling like a valued, important shopper and that they were somehow better than me. It does not feel like a store for everyone just the few who are regulars.

Faye's Response

Thank you for taking the time to submit your review of your store visit.
It saddens me to know that your experience in the store was less than stellar. I am one of the salespeople who was working on Thursday. I personally pride myself in my offering all of our customers a pleasant and fun filled experience.

Please accept my apology.

When you are back from your trip I would love it if you would give us another chance to get it right-you won’t be disappointed.


150 days ago

I just visited the revamped Mequon store today. It is beyond beautiful- much prettier than the smaller version I remember. It made me want to work here even more- I've been emailing Faye for the past year trying to get at least a part time gig here. Hopefully this review pays off.
Finally clothes I can stand by (well I always like clothes) but I was looking for the Maison Scotch brand that I had found on a fashion blog and there it was. They reserved a couple of pieces for me to pick up later this week. Thank you ladies! All the high-end brands are well priced and could easily work for any age.
The staff was very friendly when I asked prices and even pointed out my Celine Trapeze bag. We talked about how Celine is a "younger" brand compared to Chanel. Such a great conversation. The new store reminds me of a boutique in Chicago or Door County. Since I used to work at one of the boutiques in Door County I felt right at home.
I will switch shopping online for designer clothes and start shopping this boutique- and hopefully work here eventually.

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